2013.. So Far

mira, me lala and lola

So far the year has been pretty good. The first two days were a bit boring though , after the fab crossover service and some fire works at an aunts place , life went back to normal and everyone was resting so it was pretty boring. The days that followed have been in one word, ‘interesting’. I have prayed and read my bible everyday since the 1st day of the year. I’m very happy about this because last year there were times I only opened the bible in church! Terrible I know.
Ok so where was I… the 3rd day, I went out with a couple of my old friends. I hadn’t seen one of them in quite a while,so I was overjoyed but yet upset that the human being hadn’t bothered keeping in touch with me. We watched two different movies,’The meeting’ which was properly produced and ‘The hobbit’. I didn’t regret watching the meeting at all. I thought it was fantastic ,maybe because I love properly produced Nigerian movies and the fact that it portrays a MAJOR struggle that we Nigerians encounter when dealing with government. The hobbit on the other hand was just okay not that special to me…no offence to Lord of the Rings fans. After the movie, one of my friends stayed over at mine and it was pretty cool. We had alphabet pasta , wonderful ‘almost italian’ sauce (lol)and wine. I got very upset later that evening though I promised I’d let go of all the hurt and disappointment that came with 2012, I got a terrible reminder that evening and so here I am wrestling them all over again. Thanks to my friend that stayed over and three other friends of mine, I’m actually encouraged and I know I’d be fine.
Yesterday being the fourth day, I went shopping with two of the friends I watched the movies with. It was cool though I was pretty moody… thanks to the reminder. I also submitted a story I was asked to write by a website. My fingers are crossed because I honestly don’t know what to think of the story. I wrote it around a random story line hoping it would somehow have a ‘wow’ effect but then it feels a tad too random. I can’t even describe how it feels. My fingers are crossed anyway, hopefully the website likes it and would ask for more write ups.
Today I went out with my mum. Finally fixed issues my memory card was giving me and I had Jevnik restaurants Native soup and pounded yam which I’ve been craving for a while… I was happy.
Oh and a question crossed my mind though, I’d probably ask it much later. Anyways , Expect better write ups from Goodielabelle this year though and stay blessed!…x


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