As The Curtain Falls






December 30th…

hmm its that time of the year when everyone starts sounding motivational about how next year must be better than the year that is ending. Its also that time of the year when people compile resolutions which they are not likely to keep. For the past week I have thought about all that happened in my life this year and I’m just grateful that i am alive. After all my thinking, three major things occurred to me and i have decided to share them.

here they are…

I was in church again today and i heard this statement. As much as i believe or adhere to the principle of que sera sera some times, i was made to understand that its not everything that you leave to chance. Some things in fact most things don’t just happen. You have to do something before a result can follow. This applies to every little thing, no exceptions. You can only leave things to sort themselves when you have done everything in your power to ensure that things go well. For instance, you can not intend to go the beach with some friends and the day before the outing instead of putting some snacks, out door games , sun screen, and all the beach essentials together you just hop into bed and expect that magically it would be fun. I hope that was a good enough example.



in my opinion, there are FOUR types of FRIENDS

1)The Anchors- This is a heavy object attached to a rope or chain and used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom. When a person serves as an anchor in your life, it could mean two different things…

anchors (a)- These people are there to keep you from straying or floating away. When you’re doing good they’re there to motivate you to keep it up, they are there to constantly remind you to remain grounded in beneficial habits or life styles , they are also there to remind you that all is well when you are almost losing your mind.

anchors (b)- These are basically ‘enemies of progress’. They keep you from moving unto beneficial things and you remain stagnant in terrible be habits or lifestyles that would bot benefit you.

2)The trampolines- A trampoline is a sheet, usually of canvas, attached by resilient cords or springs to a horizontal frame several feet above the floor, used by acrobats and gymnasts as a springboard in tumbling. if you have either been on one before or watched gymnasts on one, you would have observed that its fun and it gives this natural high but at the end of the day after all the jumping and tumbling you get down and life goes on. The friends that serve as trampolines in your life are just there to help you give occasional excitement and nothing more. After the ‘jumping and tumbling’ that could get you hurt if done excessively, you come back to the ground and face reality so they really added nothing to you at the end of the day.
3)The sandpapers- This is Paper with sand or another abrasive stuck to it, used for smoothing or polishing woodwork or other surfaces. So imagine you are the wood and the friend or associate is the sand paper. This person may be giving you a very tough time and may constantly be pushing you to the wall but at the end of the day their provoking actions may just be ‘polishing’ you to make you a better person. For instance if you are born into a home as the only child and you are used to having things done just as you want them, but you are sent to boarding school at the high school stage and you are stuck with a messy and annoying room mate, you would be forced to adapt and learn how to accommodate others. In such a case, this annoying room mate would be the ‘sand paper’ .

4)The platforms- As we all know, this is a raised level surface on which people or things can stand. Now I’m not saying you would ‘stand on’ or ‘bring down’ a friend to rise. I’m just saying that associating yourself with such a person would enable you to up your standards.



Just take a moment to read this because I’m very sure you are likely to skip this part thinking “pfft duh..i already love myself” . Do you , really? After putting some things in perspective , even i began to doubt how much i actually loved myself and if i did at all. All this thinking about self love started after i read a daily devotional some time ago.
here are some vital and thought provoking questions on self love

*If you love yourself, would you give your heart reason to skip a beat when the thought of getting a HIV test done crosses your mind?

*Would you keep your horizons unexpanded knowing that your mind is your greatest asset? when you can and should read books and engage your mind gainfully rather than let it lie fallow.
*If you really love yourself, would you treat people like crap and put yourself on karma’s negative list of visitors? knowing that some day these people could be in a position where you would need their help desperately and they could refuse because you were such a jerk to them?

All I’m saying is take your life seriously and stop leaving things to chance, watch the company you keep because it will surely determine how far you go in life and love yourself truly or no one else can. Try and do all these things I have mentioned in the new year.



2 thoughts on “As The Curtain Falls

  1. Lovely write up 🙂 do permit me to ‘steal’ the quoe by John Locke though *wink*
    Plus if ure into movie reviews and wat not, u cd chek out my ‘group’ blog
    Cheerio! 🙂

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