Happy Birthday Odogwu Nwayi<3

mm and i

Odogwu nwayi!!

First and foremost, I want to say that I’m very grateful to God that He was gracious enough to allow you and I see today in good health.
I’m particularly grateful that I’m your first daughter because for many years now, I’ve seen you render major assistance to different young women as they say “I do” to their choice of husband, and as your first daughter, I would get to experience your joy first hand as someone makes me his wife. From they way you go on and on about ‘Ada’s wedding’, I can already imagine that Lagos would not be able to contain the amount of joy that you literally be bursting forth from you.
Don’t worry that cruise you want to go on for your 60th , God willing, my husband and I would surely make it happen in Jesus name.

I’m very grateful to you , but ‘thank you’ seems very ‘small’ as an expression of gratitude compared to all you have done for me.
Is it ‘thank you’ that would suffice for they way you raised me to be an extremely self confident but humble young lady without an inferiority complex in this day and age of oppression and depression?
Or for all those nights you spent awake whenever I took ill or had to undergo surgery even as a teenager?
Even when I assured you that I would be fine, every cough , toss or turn I made would be followed by a “Ada are you sure you’re comfortable?”

Would thank you be enough for all the prayers you ‘fired’ on my behalf for my admission into the university? Or would it be enough for the fortune you spent on all the different math teachers you employed to coach me in that night mare inducing subject?

I know this one would make you laugh but is it thank you I’d say for those key words (don’t let any myopic local champion give you headache, your heart is very important to me) that you told me when I was experiencing my first ‘heartache’.

Thank you cannot adequately express my gratitude for all those times I finished my allowance way ahead of time and after expressing your shock, you still topped up my account. I remember visiting the head office of my bank to pick up my ATM card a few months after your ‘never let Ada’s account go dry’ trend and my account officer actually said “you must be a big girl on campus. Your mum is always paying into your account”. I laughed because I understood what she meant. I’m not a ‘big girl’ on campus but I never have cause to go hungry or begging.

Any man that treats me the way you do is surely the one for me. I say it all the time and I know its the truth. With all the love that you have shown me I know I should not belittle myself and receive anything less elsewhere and for this very valuable lesson and everything else that you have done for me nne I am more than grateful and very much indebted.

Happy Birthday and Many joyous returns.

Love ,
Adasiko your baby…xo


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