Letter; Dear Santa

Dear santa,
I know you don’t visit this side of the world, thanks to hollywood I’ve seen this. I also know majority of the world regards you as a figment of someone’s imagination. But I must say its not nice how as a child, I secretly harboured the dream or wish that you would come down our non existent chimney and shut every doubtful Nigerian mouth up by delivering something mega under our tree but you did not! You just stayed in the movies, story books and grottos instead. Its all good anyway. I’m a big girl now so I’m not hung up on you appearing in our sitting room or hearing Rudolph’s footsteps on the roof , no. But I am giving you one last chance to redeem yourself. See I’m not even asking for too much…. Wait I’m not sure what your definition of “too much” is, but since I’ve spent close to two decades on earth and you have diligently fallen my hand each year, I it take you owe me… Yes! regardless of whether or not I have been naughty or nice so here is the condensed list of things I want this christmas.
In no particular order:
1) An iphone 5 to fit into the beautiful Harrods iphone 5 case that 3 of my kids gave me for christmas. I guess they knew you would come this year with the phone so they graciously saved me the stress of shopping for the perfect case and bought me one… Bless them.
2)I want my blog followers to remain blown away and gain from every single post.
3)I want a life time supply of Oreos.
4)I must have Black magic kidnap me, sing repete to me and return me home safely. This must happen before the year ends.
5)A lifetime supply of Araba’s homemade black forest delights!!! That’s needed not wanted
6)I need an improvement in the etisalat network in Enugu abeg! For goodness sake I have till january 19th to finish my MB and its not working. *sigh*
7) A red or baby pink toyota camry hybrid 20010/2011 model.

Its actually VERY condensed. I’m sure you know this. Thank me later for not being too demanding. Oh and Don’t forget to land either on the front or side lawn or on the sandy pitch no roof stunts please, the roof is older than I am and I know you’ve been enjoying all the cookies and milk of the western side of the globe. Please don’t forget to lock the burglar proof when you’re done delivering the gifts, I wouldn’t want any one stealing what I have waited for.
My regards to Mrs Claus and family.



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