Before the ‘world ends’

The world is not ending
In spirit of the hype, I’d like to say something (s).

2012 could have been better. But it surely had its highlights.

There have been what? Fifty one sundays? But one, yes… only one of those fifty one dies non was VERY memorable. It was adventure filled. I spent it…hmmm… Seeing as I’m restless, shall I say sojourning?, sojourning it is. I cooked my special curry sauce on that same sunday. I had to use shredded chicken though instead of corned beef because corned beef was not available, I also wore a jersey which I mistakenly stained with the curry, amongst other things. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal, I know but as I write I don’t recall a better sunday. Everything about that sunday made it the best 2012 gave me.
I must say that every .happy. moment I spent laughing, dancing, chatting, playing or joking with the being who whenever I said “duh”, would reply “its not duhgg its duh” constituted mini oreo highlights in my 2012.


I have to add that In 2012, I NEVER Did anything to purposely spite anyone. I only ever reacted, though the reactions may have appeared insensitive, when I felt ‘threatened’.

I never shared anything regarded as too exclusive with anyone that I’m not to have shared with.

It won’t be right if I exclude the fact that in 2012, I did not keep in touch with everyone I should have, as much as I ought to have. I suck at keeping in touch and it is not something I am proud of. “If the world doesn’t end”, I would work on that. Lol


I MUST say I appreciate everyone who has in one way or the other contributed to who I’ve become, with their words or their actions. I know from all that I have experienced this year that I’m definitely wiser.

I also have to tell you dearest reader, to anticipate a short story titled “This Christmas”, it is ‘not just another christmas’ story and it is written by yours truly. To receive the story and future posts via email, please subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of this page and entering your email address then click the “follow me : )” button. If you have already subscribed, anticipate.


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