50 shades of love


To so many its that overrated word, partly because they are not doing it right or that’s just the hard core facade they put up to mask their broken heart. To some its a bittersweet experience. To all, its definitely a regularly mentioned or heard phenomenon. I would be explaining ‘love’ as most of us have come to see it from different perspectives or as a graduation from shade to shade, maybe 50 or less , with the use of a kind of cycle.

To the girl next door with that new spring in her step, love is the butterflies in her belly when that perfect man she met weeks ago at the grocery store who she’s beginning to think she might just spend her life with, sends her a text about how much he can not wait to spend yet another weekend lost with her in the throes of passion beneath silk sheets at their usual rendez vous.

To this same young man, love is being able to retire to his Lagos island condo when he’s done attending to work files to see his perfect size 0 wife and their two year old twins.

His perfect wife feels love is in her “nephew’s” arms. she takes time out to experience it occasionally. He reminds her what it is like to be held by strong arms through cold stormy nights, warmth that a hundred blankets can not give his presence would surely give. Unlike the Mr’s expected calls from work to cancel carefully planned dinner outings and explain how much he has to work over the weekend yet again.

The young lady who babysits the twins, when madame is on her monthly and pricey vacations with her favourite mystery “nephew”, she thinks love is what her young lover showed her a few months back. The midnight calls, the ‘ I’m thinking about you’ texts , the ‘just because I love you’ gifts. To her they all constituted love and she could almost swear by her gran’s grave that it was real . Then he develops this sudden attachment to this mystery but generous and wealthy “aunt” of his. She can only wonder what it is with dudes and their aunts these days. She would just shrug off the thought because the world is changing daily, right? So she goes ahead to give up her flower in a bid to keep him and remind him that she’s for real.
To her, its also that discomforting PDA her parents have turned into a habit. she believes she would do this as a wife to her lover…. someday.

To this “nephew” love was what he always felt as he  held the large wads of ‘something small to keep yourself happy’ that this generous new aunt handed him after each ‘family meeting’. But now, its that fandango his heart dances , that slur in his speech and the blur in his eyesight when he holds that babe he spent years wooing who becomes his finally , a few days after his ‘plan b’ gave her flower up to keep him.

To this babe that’s the nephew’s true lover, love is that thing those clueless kids on disney channel stay singing about that she has decided to use as her retirement from living on the fast lane. After peeling her back off several beds the morning after, in pursuit of the expensive life. She deems it wise to give her heart and body a break by settling with someone that’s crazy about her.

To the beautiful two year old twins, love is that tight hug from grandpa, its the animated faces that granny makes when reading them bed time stories and the tummy tickles and soft words of the babysitter.

The loving grandparents have come to know love by holding each others hands over the years, through the good and through the bad as they grew old and grey. Up to this point, where their son is a successful man with a seemingly happy family. To them it does not get any better.

And then of course there’s the Big Guy in the clouds. To him love is patient , its kind , it does not get jealous no matter how provoked it has been, it does not get all puffed up about achievements and start boasting , it does not get irritated or feel and act offended , it doesn’t enjoy doing the wrong thing, BUT it rejoices with the truth, it actually bears ALL things, yes even the unbearable , its not doubtful and is totally trusting… even to the point where it is deemed stupid, it hopes all things and it endures through everything just like the love the grandparents share,It NEVER ends… He watches all these people from above and He patiently waits for them to find true love in His arms first and foremost before getting any ideas on how to go about it elsewhere.

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12 thoughts on “50 shades of love

  1. Hm.Interesting exposition.
    Although,I believe a line should be drawn between the kind of love God shows and the kind of love we are able to show.
    Humans nature restricts our capacity to love.
    While we yet remain human,there is an extent to which we can love.
    That is the general rule.
    I do think to some extent that Love is overrated.
    In the sense that it is seen in most cases as a prerequisite for fulfilment or happiness.
    Love might be the singularly most powerful force the world has ever known,but it is not a necessity.
    Love is a religious phenomenon,we don’t need it to survive or to do great deeds.
    Love has no substantial value,it only complements our existence.
    People should be made to understand that.

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