Lovers In Suits

We don’t say those nice words to each other,
We hardly even speak
We won’t tell each other how hot we look in our new expensive tailored suits,
We simply can not.
We would never dare to ask ourselves what we’re doing after work.
We can not even manage eye contact.
We don’t try it…
Our personal assistants must stay guessing what it is that happens when we’re around ourselves.
They must not know its actually chemistry.
For us, love is those long meetings spent avoiding eye contact as we sit opposite ourselves on the round conference table.
To us, passion is intense when we ignore our new hair cuts and fragrances.
Bliss is when either of us is presenting in the board room and the other is in the audience.
That is when staring and ogling is permitted.
At the end of the day as we leave to zoom off in our expensive rides,
we’ll probably ask each other for meeting extensions where we’ll discuss already concluded paper work.
In the elevator we’ll say good morning avoid eye contact and enjoy our fragrances till the ride is over.
We’ll just keep up the act like we’re not that into each other,
Like we’re not as crazy about each other as we really are.
We would survive.
After all we’re white collar workers and it is indeed unprofessional to bring love to the work place.
We can not let our subordinates see our weak sides… No they must never.
We must control the desire to send each other flowers during coffee breaks.
We can not afford to bare our hearts and emotions while our colleagues witness it.
We must not let things get to the point where we’re emptying kleenex boxes and filling them into our trash cans.
To do that would be utterly unprofessional.
We’re in love,
But we have the corporate world to run.
‘Lovers’ in suits that’s what we are.

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