Gold Dust

gold dust- curry

gold dust


In case you haven’t heard, this is my best cooking ingredient! 😀

I’m no Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson. But I really enjoy sitting down, mentally creating a meal, shopping for the ingredients and actually cooking the imagination into existence. I don’t believe in restricting myself to already existing recipes. After all, recipes today were cooked up(literally) by another person, right? This is why curry is my friend. With it you can become a magician and there’s absolutely no limit to your level of creativity with it.
I think curry works different kinds of magic in the kitchen, hence my nick name for it. Curry may be considered as nothing special by some (dust) , but its actually precious (gold).
Here’s some of the many things ‘gold dust’ can be used to do:
*It can be used to spice stew.
*It can be used to spice noodles
*It can be used to make light curry sauce
*It can be used to make thick curry sauce (with help of corn flour)
*It can be used to mix food like rice,spaghetti,macaroni.
I would elaborate on how “It can be used to make light curry sauce” meaning I’m about to leak one of my major secret recipes. (˘̩̩̩_˘̩̩̩ƪ)
I have no name for the sauce though but right here and now I’d name it GOODIES CURRY SPECIALE!! :- D
You would need
*of course, a bag of “Gold dust”
*2 seasoning cubes
*spring onions
*red pepper (rodo)
*groundnut/vegetable oil
*corned beef
*sweet corn
*ground/dry pepper
*frying pan
*a bowl to mix the curry in
*cooker , stove , what ever 😀 (duh!)
Okay let’s start!
-Chop up the onions , the spring onions and the red pepper. Chop and keep each of them separately.
-pour some of the curry powder in a bowl depending on how much sauce you want to make and mix it with water till all the lumps disappear. Don’t make the mix too thick or too watery.
-Then you light the fire, leave it on low heat, place the pan on it, pour in just enough oil proportionate to the amount of sauce you desire to make. Let it heat up.
-When the oil has heated you pour in the onions and let them fry don’t let them burn and turn black!
-then you pour in the curry mix and let it cook for about 5-10 minutes.
-Then you can begin to spice the curry. Put in a few pinches salt, dry pepper, 2 seasoning cubes and let it simmer.
– after this, you taste it and add what you feel is missing.
-When satisfied with the taste of the curry, you put inn the corned beef , use a cooking spoon to break up the lumps of the corned beef & leave it to cook for a bit.
-When the corned beef has fried a bit, you pour in the sweet corn directly from the can into the pan (did u see how I rhymed there! can and ) do this without draining the water from the corn.
-Put in the chopped up red pepper and spring onions. Mix everything up gently.
-close the pan for like a minute so the water can dry up a bit,after this, you can turn off the fire.
-You can eat this with rice, spaghetti, yam, what ever you choose. 🙂
– Then of course, you MUST NOT forget to pick up your phone or computer open up and give your feed back on her “Goodies curry speciale” 😀

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