For the girls

Hello everyone 🙂

Today , being a sunday , I went to church .The sermon was pretty short and straight  to the point . I picked two major things i felt not only made alot of sense but were quite thought provoking and inspiring.  I would be sharing what i picked and the opinions i have based on what i picked .

The first thing i picked was the bible verse Psalm 144:12 which states…

“Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters  would be like pillars carved to adorn a palace”

*My focus here would be on the part about the daughters*

what I think about this bible verse is majorly as a result of the style of reasoning my literature teacher (Mr Adebayo) in High school encouraged and groomed all his students to posses. He taught us to be thorough, to pay attention to every single detail and to analyse everything till it can not be analysed further. Let me show you the extent to which i adopted Mr Adebayo’s style. 😀

In the bible verse, the word ‘pillar’ was used .From the given definitions of this word, we can deduce that a pillar is a structure for support. I think it is simply butressing the point God made in Genesis by creating a woman to help or like a pillar support a man(the man you would eventually own a home with). Don’t worry i’m not about to preach a sermon on marriage, im just pointing out somethig i feel is relevant. Also, it is not just made from any kind of material because its job is to render support. From this i can make out that the woman was created super strong because she has to hold herself together and still render support to another. God would not give u a task you can not perform. So he did put the ability to be strong for ourselves and others inside us. It is also defined as upright,freestanding and vertical i.e standing straight. I think this means we have to cast away anything that would not let us stand upright in character and physical mental and emotional strength. How do you hope to be freestanding if you have snares on your neck or your feet?
still on the pillar, it is defined as a vertical structure used as an ornament or mournument. This to me means we are to decorate and bring beauty to someone or an institution. This could be our immediate family or our own marriage. we are not to bring shame but glory and basically a touch of beauty.

from all that i was able to compare and liken between the pillar and the girl/woman, i think it simply boils down to these things; know who you are and be proud of it, keep your head up high and don’t let anything at all bring you dow , do only that which would bring glory to yourself and your family, stay strong spiritually mentally morally so you can render that support to others particularly who you build a home with.

The second was the list my pastor read out . She listed five things a girl is born to be

*A daughter; we are obviously all born into a family or at least to a mother. it is our duty to live a life that would show gratitude to the hads that fed clothed and nurtured us.

*An in individual; we were all born with our dreams and different personalities. we must not try and be like any one else or try to live up to any ones standard for our lives. No matter what our story is there is something inside us that the next person would not and can not have. Be you and do not be sorry about it.

*A sister/friend; You would have to be a shoulder to someone at some point.Be it your brother, sister or friend. It is a role you must not be suck at. Yes you can not be perfect and they are more than likely to drive you nuts most of the time,but you can not be a nuisance you have what it takes to make a positive impact and be of support. ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF IF YOU ARE ADDING TO THE LIVES OF YOUR SIBLINGS OR FRIENDS. Keep making all the necessary adjustments as you check yourself.

*A mother  ; I am not a mother but I know it is not an easy task. If one day heaven would entrust you with another life apart from yours, it is adviceable you live a life that can be an example. May not be perfect because no one is but try your best. Gain enough strength inorder to be of support to another life someday. read books , laugh often, involve yourself in gainful associatons.

*A wife ; someday as a girl you would grow into a woman and be required to literally be a pillar to someones home. The extent as to which you render support or act as an ornament would go a long way to determine the success of the home.

This reminded me of the topic ‘roles’ in sociology. One person can have many roles in a society. A girl has each of these important roles to play and it would be wonderful if she plays each role well so she can look back and remember being a blessing to others. Build yourself.. be strong.. dont let anything or anyone reduce your value..

straight from my heart(unedited)for the girls 🙂


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