The Girl Ada


I’m black,
I’m talkative,
I’m beautiful,
I’m complicated
But I hate complication.
I speak English,
A teeny bit of French,
A bit of Yoruba ,
A bit of Igbo too.
I’m a ‘mixed breed’ Nigerian.
I’m from A waja (Northern Nigerian)dad and an Igbo mum.
I believe there’s a God who sent his son to die for me and is indeed very crazy about me!
I know I am my mothers gem, no argument.
I love an inexhaustible list of things , same goes for the things I hate.
I love the concept of love. By love I mean love for family , love for friends and for a certain someone. Blame disney if you wish but I believe it exists and its beautiful.
I love dancing!!! I’ve actually imagined that I’m a video vixen severally while dancing to my favorite songs. I hate being grabbed when I’m dancing I believe I’m wonderful enough a dancer to be watched and to be free to express my inner crazy being on the dance floor.
I love chocolate any thing. Chocolate drinks esp the chocolate viju milk drink, chocolate fan ice cream(in a tub)!!! , chocolate bars, chocolate cupcakes, oreo cookies :’) , rubis the chocolate wine ,black forest!!! I’m getting hungry its best I stop the list, you get the message. But I really do not like dark chocolate or chocolate with dry fruits and/or nuts inside but I’d still eat snickers ice cream bar if you offer it to me 😀
I love cake ! But I do not like fruit cake one bit.
I’ve never really been a plush toy lover or collector type of person , but I was told there was this huge rabbit like teddy (I’m really not sure), that I cuddled the life out of it as a baby. From the pictures I admit I choked life out of it. In 2008 I got this small dog like teddy. I named it mr cuddles. Loved it because it was really brown like chocolate. It also had a ribbon on its neck… this “chocolatey” attribute simply fueled my love for mr cuddles.<3
I love surprises, positive ones. And of course I hate negative surprises e.g discovering something unpleasant.
I really love babies/children. I can’t stop smiling when I see them and there’s always this itch to hold them. Their hair ,their smile , their laugh, how the smell, how tender lovable and helpless they are when you hold them and they look up,right into your face. I always wonder what they’re thinking especially with the confusion on their brow. Listening to the ones that can already speak is always fun for me .
I love bubble baths tres much and not because of some preference to bathing with a shower or the orthodox Nigerian ‘bucket and bowl’ technique. I simply love bubble baths majorly because as a child seeing too many disney movies made the idea a grand one to me and so I fell in love with it and every time I’m chanced, I grab the opportunity.
I like the foamy top of hot ‘over creamed’ coffee made with a coffee machine. I always ‘rush my foam’ before it settles. I don’t like dark coffee at all!
I love watching new movies particularly with special people. I love going to the beach but I hate getting sand between my toes.. I hate the feeling.
I love nicely flavoured tea like twinings and lipton forest fruit. I am a hot chocolate addict!
I love my skin, my eyes, my small hands and slender fingers! 😀
I love cooking meals I’ve created mentally. Camerounian Pepper and curry are my “bestest” ingredients in the world! ^_^ well, I may like others but I love those two the most.
I find it very flattering wen someone is as excited to see me as I am to see them. You know… the blushes, the grooming and prep before the meeting etc. I hate it when the feeling isn’t mutual. I also find it flattering when someone can actually totally understand and connect with my level of reasoning and when they’re attracted to the stuff I’m made of not just the stuff they think they can get from me.
I really love shopping for reasons unknown to me. I would not fail to be at a good sale, stock up my cup board and look the part on the day I’m required to. I really love trying on each of my new purchases and imagining an outing where I’d wear them to. I hate the punishment that heavy shopping bags inflict on the palms though.
I love high heels! I hate seeming like I can’t walk well in them so I’m always sure to strut around when I’m in them so people know best not to assume that I can’t walk in the heels. *flips hair* . Although, I hate how my feet feel after.
I really love to write I don’t know why or how it started but I love to. I wish I could sing but I’m not fantastic at it so I leave my singing and performing till shower time only. I love acting , my mirror can bear witness to this.
I hate pain but I’ve come to understand that it is an essential part of living,
I hate deceit and being made a fool of.
I believe its important to have a good name or reputation.
I think its foolish to neglect those who actually love you and chase those who couldn’t care less about you.

**I’m me and I’m comfortable in my own skin.. No apologies.**

I may laugh a little too much, eat a lot because food(good food) is one of my only true loves and think a little more than I should but then again that’s me.
I may also love and hope a little too hard but shame on you if you take that for granted. There’s so much more to me and I believe I’m an open book, easy to decode if you actually wish to. 🙂
Oh! And before I forget I’m a huge fan of accessories , I’d love to study photography professionally even if its as a part time course . Born on the 31st day of Nelson Mandela, Lady Diana and Wole Soyinka’s birth month (July).

This is me..
Gudo Ifeanyi Chiamaka Adaugo Achana Yaro

Semper fi…x


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