Letter to “deh deh”…

Dear freshly convoked friend (lol),

I don’t know where to start because we’ve come such a long way! I know it has only been january 2011- November 2012 but that to me,it seems like forever (no wash or exaggeration intended). I guess it seems like forever because you’ve been there through all those times that felt like they would take forever to pass. I came into u.I last year , young and inexperienced to an extent but in you I found a ‘guardian angel’, a brother , a friend , a shoulder , a pillow , a best friend… I’ve found too much! I NEVER had to pass through any phase alone. You were always there and you’re still there. I’m too blessed and I’d be silly to say I merely found a friend in you. You are the absolute best. I bless the name of the Lord that our paths crossed.

It is not easy to find a guy who jus wants to be there for you without taking something in return. I’m so glad we met and I’m very excited at the thought of the fact that we have the rest of our lives to make mutual impact in each others lives. As I write this farewell (from ui and not from my life) note, I’m fighting tears because I feel my ‘blanket’ is being pulled away gradually and I’m being woken up to grow up and face the world as a ‘big girl’ (-_-lol, dramatic I know). I feel as though that one sure ‘shoulder’ won’t be just a call/ping away for a while. I knw I would be fine. I’m even more convinced that I’d be fine when I remember how much faith you have in me. Its unbelievable how someone I just met knows me inside out, trusts me, cares about me &believes in me as much as you do. The times we have had together have been nothing short of fantastic. From how we 1st met over a bottle of fayrouz or was it that my favourite green coloured la casera?? To how you gave me ur posters to put up in st annes. (Truth be told I only dropped the flyers in the reception for st annes babes to pick, I did not put up the posters I think only one/two were up :$ but u won shaa πŸ˜€ oga gen, sec.! x_x). I also remember the spaghetti & salad victory, bisola and I made in awo for you and Tomiwa…lol. I remember all those nights I needed a listening ear and you came in your cute golf and freezing Ac to the rescue πŸ˜€ lol! I also recall our several trips to amala skye and on one of those trips! u said ‘sai-vett’ instead of serviette and you have denied that u did & continued to accuse me for saying it! Hian! 8-| I also remember how you were the only guy at my 18th birthday lol & u lifted me in ur arms for a pic.. You were feeling like superman,-_- .u also gave me the name adalicious & called me that infront of my folks and they laughed, my dad even called me that once(lol). I also remember our latest one “deh deh deh deh” our ‘remix of the word duh’…Lool! We make the worst razz pair the world has to offer sha! 😦 Recently I started saying the statement “someones gem” when refering to myself. Apart from my mum, u obviousIy top the list of ‘someone’! When I listen to the advice and consider the devotion you give me abi have towards me, I know for a fact that I am indeed precious, valued and I should not sell myself short for anything/anyone because of the kind of faith that people like you and my mum have in me.Uncle seun. I love u much more than words can express, u’re a blessing , an addition and much much much more to my life! I will miss u gaan! I can go on & on but my battery & my hands would join forces and slap me .

Pls go forth, shine and shock the world with all that “good stuff ” inside of u. I love u very much and I pray God would always cause people to be available for u as u have been for me. I pray you will never ever lack, lack and sorrow would be strange to u and ur household. u’re the bomb deh deh deh deh, ‘aya mi’:p (lol)

With love ,



17 thoughts on “Letter to “deh deh”…

  1. mehn dis is nothing short of superlative… Always knew dere was sometin special inside of Seun… Indeed a great man. @Seun: To have someone declare dis to d world of u is sometin to be cherised. I knew dat day I saw u guys together at iwo road…sometin was up (tried both ur numbers den …d tin noh connect). @Ada Gudo… As I love to address u, dis piece and d odas I av read tells of ur intelligence&gift of writing and especially special way of expressing urself. U shud keep it up and I trust God dat every special deposit of His in ur life would always shine forth

  2. awwwwwww…..real nice! Seun, you definitely rock! Ada, nice one, you aint lucky, you are ‘plucky’ and blessed! You write smart n beautYfully so. Keep the ink flowing….

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