Lovers In Suits

We don’t say those nice words to each other, We hardly even speak We won’t tell each other how hot we look in our new expensive tailored suits, We simply can not. We would never dare to ask ourselves what we’re doing after work. We can not even manage eye contact. We don’t try it… […]

Gold Dust

gold dust Namaste! In case you haven’t heard, this is my best cooking ingredient! 😀 I’m no Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson. But I really enjoy sitting down, mentally creating a meal, shopping for the ingredients and actually cooking the imagination into existence. I don’t believe in restricting myself to already existing recipes. After all, […]

For the girls

Hello everyone 🙂 Today , being a sunday , I went to church .The sermon was pretty short and straight  to the point . I picked two major things i felt not only made alot of sense but were quite thought provoking and inspiring.  I would be sharing what i picked and the opinions i have based […]

The Girl Ada

Ada. I’m black, I’m talkative, I’m beautiful, I’m complicated But I hate complication. I speak English, A teeny bit of French, A bit of Yoruba , A bit of Igbo too. I’m a ‘mixed breed’ Nigerian. I’m from A waja (Northern Nigerian)dad and an Igbo mum. I believe there’s a God who sent his son […]

Letter to “deh deh”…

Dear freshly convoked friend (lol), I don’t know where to start because we’ve come such a long way! I know it has only been january 2011- November 2012 but that to me,it seems like forever (no wash or exaggeration intended). I guess it seems like forever because you’ve been there through all those times that […]